Webinars by Women

Triad Microsoft Data Platform User Group2021-09-28Introduction to Azure SQL DatabaseDeepthi Goguri
Azure Dublin Meetup2021-09-29Azure VMware Solution OverviewShannon Kuehn
Future Data Driven Summit2021-09-29What’s New in Azure SQLAnna Hoffman
Future Data Driven Summit2021-09-29Time Series Analysis in Power BI DesktopPragati Jain
Future Data Driven Summit 2021-09-29Fundamentals of Azure SQL DatabaseDeepthi Goguri
Latinas in Data2021-09-30Quick Start Your Azure SQL Database JourneyDeepthi Goguri
Microsoft Data Platform Group – Birmingham2021-10-07Data Warehousing with SnowflakeChristina Leo
SQLFriday2021-10-08T-SQL Window FunctionsKathi Kellenberger
Central Wisconsin IT Conference2021-10-09Fundamentals of Query storeDeepthi Goguri
Capital Area SQL Server User Group2021-10-11SQL AuditingJosephine Bush
Rhode Island SQL Server User Group2021-10-13Increasing Trustworthiness of Power BI ContentMelissa Coates
Database Professionals Virtual Meetup Group2021-10-13Managing Query Performance with Plan Forcing and Query Store HintsErin Stellato
Chicago Data Professionals2021-10-14Benefits of enabling IaaS Agent Extension on Azure SQL VMAmeena Lalani
GLASS: Greater Lansing Area for SQL Server2021-10-14Intro to Query StoreTracy Boggiano
Louisville Data Technology Group2021-10-14Which Azure SQL Database Options Should I Choose?Jes Schultz
SQLFriday2021-10-15Query Store in 60 minutes!Deepthi Goguri
DATA Saturday #13 – Minnesota2021-10-16DBA in the CloudDeepthi Goguri
DATA Saturday #13 – Minnesota 2021-10-16Advanced Tricks with Buttons/Bookmarks in Power BIPragati Jain
DATA Saturday #13 – Minnesota 2021-10-16 A Case Study – Data Driven Workflow using Azure Data Factory and Logic AppsAlpa Buddhabhatti
Denver SQL Server User Group2021-10-21Tools and methods for Machine LearningGinger Grant
New Stars of Data #32021-10-22AI in Power BILiping Huang
New Stars of Data #3 2021-10-22Getting started with AI & Computer Vision – A guide of obstacles & insights from the fieldKristina Mishra
New Stars of Data #3 2021-10-22 Automate your lifeMaritza Cieza
New Stars of Data #3 2021-10-22 A Beginner guide to IoT + AI at the Edge with Azure PerceptJiaranai Keatnuxsuo
New Stars of Data #3 2021-10-22 Applying a Security Mindset to Lock Down Azure SQL DB
Surbhi Pokharna
New Stars of Data #3 2021-10-22 Panel: New Stars of Data Speaker experiencesAlpa Buddhabhatti
New Stars of Data #3 2021-10-22 Panel: New Stars of Data Speaker experiences Tsvetelina Kovacheva
New Stars of Data #3 2021-10-22 Panel: New Stars of Data Speaker experiences Deepthi Goguri
GroupBy Conference2021-10-26Auditing SQL Server: Extended events vs SQL Server AuditJosephine Bush
GroupBy Conference2021-10-26T-SQL Window Function PerformanceKathi Kellenberger
Azure Dublin Meetup2021-10-27Getting started with Kubernetes in AzureAnnie Talvasto
Edmonton Microsoft Data Professionals2021-10-28A session to future cloud DBADeepthi Goguri
Lincoln SQL Server User Group2021-10-28What is DevOps and why should DBAs care?Kathi Kellenberger
SQL Saturday Orlando 20212021-10-30Using dbatools for High Availability and Disaster RecoveryTracy Boggiano
Granite State Code Camp2021-11-06Query store in actionDeepthi Goguri
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con2021-11-08Zero To DashboardAngela Henry
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con2021-11-08AWS for SQL Server Professionals (all proceeds donated to charity)Yogi Barot,
Anuja Malik
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con2021-11-08The Latest Data Science Workflow in AzureSteph Locke
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con 2021-11-08Solving Query Performance Problems with StatisticsKimberly L. Tripp
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con 2021-11-08SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization – FULL DAY PRE CONMonica Rathbun
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con 2021-11-08Master Communication and Influencing SkillsBlythe Morrow
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con 2021-11-09Free Microsoft Workshop: Build Serverless, Full Stack Applications in Azure SQL (plus IoT!)Anna Hoffman
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con 2021-11-09Finding Problems and Stabilizing Performance with Query StoreErin Stellato
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con 2021-11-09Redgate Presents: DevOps for the DBA (all proceeds donated to charity)Stephanie Herr, Julia Hayward, Divya Alagarsamy
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con 2021-11-09Developing Data Solutions with Python and Apache Spark in Azure Synapse AnalyticsGinger Grant
PASS Data Community Summit Pre-con 2021-11-09Azure SQL FundamentalsTracy Boggiano
PASS Data Community Summit2021-11-10 to 2021-11-12Too many to list! See the schedule
LA Data Platform2021-11-17Migrations 101Gilda Alvarez
New England SQL Server User Group 2021-11-17Managing Query Performance: Plan Forcing and Query Store HintsErin Stellato
DEVIntersection2021-12-7 to 2021-12-09Azure SQL: What to use when
Julie Koesmarno
DEVIntersection 2021-12-7 to 2021-12-09 Deploy IoT solutions with Azure SQL DatabaseAnna Hoffman
DEVIntersection 2021-12-7 to 2021-12-09 Users Don’t Have to Suffer in the Cloud
Melissa Jurkoic
LA Data Platform2021-12-15Intro to Query StoreTracy Boggiano
Saint Charles SQL Server Meetup Group2022-01-05A session to future cloud DBADeepthi Goguri
Denver SQL Server User Group2022-01-20Understanding DAX, It’s All About the ContextAngela Henry
LA Data Platform2022-05-18Build a blog worth reading by Blythe MorrowBlythe Morrow
Los Angeles Data Platform2022-08-18Azure Synapse AnalyticsJen Beiser