Webinars by Women

Triad Local User Group2021-07-27SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecksTracy Boggiano
DataPlatformGeeks 2021-07-27Sentiment Analysis using Azure Cognitive ServicesAnupama Natarajan
EIGHTKB2021-07-28Deep Dive: SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine StoragePam Lahoud
Power BI Women2021-07-28Power BI Women – Learning Session | Conflict Resolution for Professional WomenTabitha Liburd
Database Professionals Virtual Meetup Group2021-07-28Notebooks 101 for SQL People Julie Koesmarno & Barbara Valdez
Ohio North Database Training2021-08-03Stored Procedure Optimization TechniquesKimberly Tripp
Rhode Island SQL Server User Group2021-08-04Windowing Function PerformanceKathi Kellenberger
Cloud Data Driven2021-08-05Power BI and Dashboards 101Sharon Weaver
North Boston Azure Cloud User Group2021-08-05Applying a Security Mindset to Lock Down Azure SQL DBSurbhi Pokharna
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07End to end Azure Data Factory Dynamic PipelineAlpa Buddhabhatti
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07All Your Data Are Belong To us aka Data Governance with PurviewBarkha Herman
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Not your Daddy’s Cash Flow Statement, using Power BIBelinda Allen
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Analyzing Data with Power BI: The Starter-KitCecilia Brusatori
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Ethics in Modern DataChristine Assaf
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Data Integrity DemystifiedDeborah Melkin
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07How to be successful with Artificial Intelligence – from small to successJennifer Stirrup
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07How to Audit SQL Server for FreeJosephine Bush
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Using metrics effectively in Customer InteractionsKarla Kannan
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07The Azure IaaS DBA, aka “I have Control Issues”
Turning ADHD into “Awesome Dynamic Highly Dependable”
Kellyn Gorman
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Create your first Power BI Paginated ReportLaura Graham-Brown
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Powerful Communication Skills for Women In Data
Marilyn Moise Rousseau
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Users Don’t Have to Suffer in the CloudMelissa Jurkoic
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07AI in Power BI
Priscilla Camp
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Digital transformation: how to lead the change in Analytics?Rocio Cairo Presepi
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Auditing data and answering the life long question, is it the end of the day yet?Simona Meriam
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Mental Health and Wellness in IT: Safeguarding our most precious resourceTracy Boggiano
Data Geeks Saturday 20212021-08-07Power Automate and Power BI better together
Yana Berkovich
DBA Fundamentals Group2021-08-10Azure SQL Database for DBAsAmeena Lalani
Chicago Local SQL Server User Group2021-08-12SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecks Tracy Boggiano
Dativerse2021-08-13Transitioning to ADSElizabeth Noble
Dativerse2021-08-13Getting Started with Azure Synapse AnalyticsTsvetelina Kovacheva
Dativerse2021-08-13Azure AD for the Azure Data ServicesHeini Ilmarinen
Dativerse2021-08-13Fundamentals of Azure SQL DatabaseDeepthi Goguri
Dativerse2021-08-13Data Science Made Easier with Azure ML Studio & Power BIPragati Jain
Dativerse2021-08-13A Case Study – Data Movement and Transformation using Azure Data Factory.Alpa Buddhabhatti
Dativerse2021-08-13Gain Real time Insights with Azure Synapse AnalyticsAnshul Rampal
Dativerse2021-08-13How to go from #notallmen to supporting diversity, inclusion and equityCecilia Judmann
Dativerse2021-08-13Scaling your data to the size of the Cosmos (DB)Olena Borzenko
Dativerse2021-08-13Power BI Adoption FrameworkDenisha Malone
Dativerse2021-08-13Getting Started with GitHub Actions with SQL Server on Linux, PowerShell, and sqlcmdChrissy LeMaire
Dativerse2021-08-13Composite Models – The game-changerSamudra Bandaranayake
Dativerse2021-08-13Keynote: Everyone Deserves a VoiceTracy Boggiano
Dativerse2021-08-13Requirements Engineering for data projectsMargarita Neumueller

Fox Valley Business Intelligence And Analytics
2021-08-19Mayo Clinic’s Analytics JourneyKeith Schilling
Edmonton Microsoft Data Professionals2021-08-19Having a DR Plan: Why, Who and WhatLisa Bohm
Future Data Driven Summit2021-08-29KeynoteTracy Boggiano
Future Data Driven Summit2021-08-29Fundamentals of Azure SQL Database Deepthi Goguri
Future Data Driven Summit2021-08-29Build serverless, full stack applications in Azure with Azure SQL  Anna Hoffman
Future Data Driven Summit2021-08-29The Dangers of Dirty DataSusan Walsh
Future Data Driven Summit2021-08-29Button/Bookmark Tricks in Power BI to Enrich ReportsPragati Jain
Data Platform Diversity, Equity & Inclusion2021-09-13We Aren’t Broken: How to Get OrganizedJen McCown
Calgary Local User Group2021-09-22SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecksTracy Boggiano
Calgary Local User Group2021-09-22Mental Health and Wellness in ITTracy Boggiano
LA Data Platform2021-11-17Migrations 101Gilda Alvarez
LA Data Platform2021-12-15Intro to Query StoreTracy Boggiano