Webinars by Women

Albuquerque SQL Server User Group2021-02-12Understanding DAX – It’s All About the ContextAngela Henry
Excel in Excel2021-02-13Data Transformation using Power QueryIndira Bandari and Medha Bandari
Data Platform Downunder Meetup Group2021-02-16Tips to Monitor your Azure SQL DatabaseAnupama Natarajan
DeveloperWeek2021-02-17 to 2021-02-19Containerize Microservices with Service FabricRebai Hamida
DeveloperWeek2021-02-17 to 2021-02-19Are we there Yet?Emily Freeman
MICROSOFT POWER PLATFORM TECH DAYS2021-02-17Why would you even want to use the Power Platform? Tricia Sinclair
MICROSOFT POWER PLATFORM TECH DAYS2021-02-17How does the platform scale for you?Claire Edgson and Jese Navaranjan
MICROSOFT POWER PLATFORM TECH DAYS2021-02-17Attaching price to value within the Power PlatformLaura Graham-Brown
CincyPASS – Cincinnati SQL Server Users Group2021-02-17SQL Server Internals and ArchitectureDeepthi Goguri
Utah SQL Server Group2021-02-18SLC and UC SQL Server User Group February MeetingPam Mooney
Cambridge Power Platform User Group 2021-02-19Integration Between Power Apps and Power Bi Jese Navarajan
LASU TECHX CONFERENCE2021-02-19The Journey of Head in the Cloud, Heart in the CommunityHolly Lehman & Isidora Kitanic
Global Power Platform Bootcamp 20212021-02-19Create a Custom Visual for Power BI without codingLeila Etaati
Global Power Platform Bootcamp 20212021-02-19Google Forms meets Power BIIndira Bandari
South Florida Power BI2021-02-23Power BI Adoption StrategiesDenisha Malone
Microsoft MVP Women in Tech: The Untold Stories2021-02-24Women in Tech: The Untold StoriesKelly Gustafson
London Power BI User Group2021-02-24Power BI Magic SpellsStephanie & Shannon
Power BI WomenTips for DA-100Priscilla Camp

Hybrid Virtual Group
2021-02-24What You Can Learn From Power BI Activity LogMelissa Coates
Swedish Power BI User Group2021-02-25Never Too Late To Change – Making a New Career in BILinda Torrång
SQL FRIDAY2021-02-26SQL Server Internals and ArchitectureDeepthi Goguri
Scottish Summit 20212021-02-27Session list> 80 sessions
GLOBAL INTEGRATION BOOTCAMP2021-02-27Life Cycle of a Query In SQL ServerDeepthi Goguri
Data Platform WIT2021-03-05Data Platform WIT DayCindy Gross, Shabmam Watson, Rie Merritt, Julie Koesmarno, Tracy Boggiano, Barbara Valdez, Gilda Alvarez, Deepthi Goguri, Deborah Melkin, Leslie Andrews, DeNisha Malone, and Shreya Verma-Kale
TECH(K)NOW Day2021-03-08Method behind the magic of Indexes in SQL ServerDeepthi Goguri
St. Louis SQL Server and Business Intelligence User Group2021-03-09Mastering TempDBMonica Rathbun
Redmond SQL User Group for SQL Server & Data Professionals2021-03-10SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecksTracy Boggiano
Hybrid Virtual Group2021-03-10Creating bots with Bot Framework ComposerGosia Borzecka
New England SQL Server User Group2021-03-10Secure/Powerful Hybrid DB Backup ServicesSurbhi Pokharna
The Cloud First 20212021-03-11Women in Tech: Head in the Cloud, Heart in the CommunityIsidora Katanic and Holly Lehman
New Stars of Data2021-03-12Warum testet man Abfragen nicht mit Variablen?Nina Weisheidinger
New Stars of Data2021-03-12Until the paperwork is done – Database Documentation, why and howMala Mahadevan
New Stars of Data2021-03-12The Science Behind A Recommend Machine learning system – Using Azure MLAlpa Buddhabhatti
New Stars of Data2021-03-12How to Audit SQL Server for FreeJosephine Bush
New Stars of Data2021-03-12Getting started with Power BI DesktopAkshata Revankar
New Stars of Data 2021-03-12Getting started with dbatoolsTsvetelina Kovacheva
Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group2021-03-17 Decoding Statistics in SQL ServerDeepthi Goguri
LA Data Platform2021-03-17Spark and Databricks in Azure SynapseGinger Grant
Dublin Power BI User Group2021-03-23What Is Inclusive Report Design and Why Should You Care?Meagan Longoria and
Ashley Graham-Brown
Women in Technology Summit 20212021-03-24Life Cycle of a Query in SQL ServerDeepthi Goguri
Power BI Women2021-03-24Process Mining in Power BIKaren Golden
Jenny Keane
SPOTCon Conference2021-03-26Understanding the Statistics in SQL Server
Deepthi Goguri
Cloud Data Driven2021-04-01Method Behind the Magic of Indexes in SQL ServerDeepthi Goguri
Database Professionals Virtual Meetup Group2021-04-14Which Azure SQL Database Options Should I Choose?Jes Borland
Dublin Power BI User Group2021-04-20Double Session! The Untruthful Art & Azure Synapse AnalyticsHeini Ilmarinen
Women in Technology2021-05-06SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecksTracy Boggiano
SQL Server User Group Croatia2021-05-12Method behind the magic of Indexes in SQL ServerDeepthi Goguri
Cloud Data Driven2021-050-13Beyond the Basic SELECT Deborah Melkin
DBA Fundamentals2021-05-25Azure SQL Database for DBAsAmeena Lalani
Cloud Data Driven2021-06-17Recipe for Modern Applications: Functions, SQL, Geospatial, JSONAnna Hoffman
Cloud Data Driven2021-08-05Power BI and Dashboards 101Sharon Weaver