Webinars by Women

LA Data Platform2021-12-15Intro to Query StoreTracy Boggiano
Microsoft Data and AI South Florida User Group2021-12-15Machine Learning using Azure Machine Learning StudioAlpa Buddhabhatti
LA Data Platform2021-12-15Intro to Query Store Deepthi Goguri
Techforum technical Community2021-12-18Future Cloud DBA Deepthi Goguri
Data Saturday Portugal 2021-12-18 Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence embedded in Power BI graphicsAna Maria Bisbe York
Data Saturday Portugal 2021-12-18 Power BI Advanced Modeling optionsGabi Münster
Data Saturday Portugal 2021-12-18 Options for Securely Sharing Power BI ContentMelissa Coates
Data Saturday Portugal 2021-12-18 Como reduzir custos do seu SQL Database no AzureSulamita Dantas
Data Saturday Portugal 2021-12-18 “DAX” for SQL guySusana Sousa
Data Saturday Portugal 2021-12-18 Fundamentals of Query StoreDeepthi Goguri
Cloud Data Driven2021-12-23Tech Fun Space – Welcome 2022Deepthi Goguri
Cloud Data Driven2021-12-23 Tech Fun Space – Welcome 2022 Pragathi Jain
Saint Charles SQL Server Meetup Group2022-01-05A session to future cloud DBADeepthi Goguri
DBA Fundamentals2022-01-11Azure SQL: Year in review with Bob Ward and Anna Hoffman Anna Hoffman
St. Louis SQL Server and Business Intelligence User Group2022-01-11Know Your Environments and Security – An OverviewPamela Mooney
Inland Northwest Data Professionals Association2022-01-12Azure Synapse – What’s New From IgniteKim Manis
Louisville Data Technology Group2022-01-13Query Store on-Prem and in the CloudDeepthi Goguri
Data Platform Downunder Meetup Group2022-01-17Working with Azure SQL for the On-Prem DBARie Merritt
Data Saturday Vienna2021-01-28lessons Learned- Azure synapse Analytics in ProjektGabi Münster
DBA Fundamentals Group2022-01-18Query Store on-Prem and in the CloudDeepthi Goguri
Denver SQL Server User Group2022-01-20Understanding DAX, It’s All About the ContextAngela Henry
Denver SQL Server User Group2022-02-17On-Prem to Cloud DBADeepthi Goguri
DBA Fundamentals Group2022-02-15Infrastructure DBA In the CloudKellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
DFW Azure User Group2022-02-15Landing Zones for Data and the Data Mesh Architecture Amy Geneder-Feltheimer
Data Driven Community2022-02-17Applying a Security Mindset to Lock Down Azure SQL DBSurbhi Pokharna
DBA Fundamentals Group2022-02-22Azure SQL Server & DevOpsAlpa
LA Data Platform2022-05-18Build a blog worth reading by Blythe MorrowBlythe Morrow
Los Angeles Data Platform2022-08-18Azure Synapse AnalyticsJen Beiser