TitleDate Speaker
Keynote: From Data to Machine Learning2021-08-20Lindsey Allen
AI to the Masses! But How? Pixie Dust? 2021-08-20Hope Foley
Data Science Made Easier with Azure ML Studio2021-08-20Pragati Jain
Brilliant basics: Regression techniques2021-08-20Steph Locke
A behind the scenes look at ML, AI, and Deep Learning2021-08-20Anna Hoffman

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2021-08-20Donna Ellis Wilson
Keynote: Busy is a Four-Letter Word2021-05-07Jes Schultz
Lightning Talks Round 12021-05-07Kendra Little and Roseanna Whitlegg
Mental Health and Wellness in IT: Protecting our most precious resource2021-05-07Tracy Boggiano
Helping Myself and Others Cope During the Pandemic2021-05-07Steve Jones
How I Deal with Depression2021-05-07Eugene Meidinger
The Power of Laughter2021-05-07Dr. Lori Monaco
Unleashing your personal superpower2021-05-07Matthew Roche
Lightning Talks Round 22021-05-07Lisa Bohm, Victoria Guarnieri, Josephine Bush, Kenneth Fisher
Turning ADHD into “Awesome Dynamic Highly Dependable”2021-05-07Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
Stepping Stones from Diversity Learning to Equitable Actions2021-03-05Cindy Gross
Generate intelligent insights from your data using Graph features in Azure SQL2021-03-05Shreya Verma
Notebooks 101 for SQL People 2021-03-05Julie Koesmarno and Barbara Valdez
Mentoring Panel Discussion2021-03-05Leslie Andrews, Shabnam Watson, Deborah Melkin, Gilda Alvarez, and Deepthi Goguri
SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecks2021-03-05Tracy Boggiano
Lifting as We Climb2021-03-05Rie Merritt
Life Cycle of a Query in SQL Server2021-02-02Deepthi Goguri